About Us 

Travel slowly. Bring the kids. Embrace the power of place.

Neighborhood Nomads is a family travel site focused on slowing down to appreciate the strength of our homes, neighborhoods, and landscapes. We hope to encourage families to travel their hometowns as a tourist would by rediscovering beauty in the places they know best. We hope to inspire others to experience faraway destinations by taking time to understand what makes them tick. Neighborhood Nomads celebrates the power of place and belonging. There is incredible value in taking time to venture out together.


Over the years, Neighborhood Nomads has taken many forms. It originally began in 2011 as a year-long project to return to each of my many hometowns. It later became a place to feature interviews with people invested in the place they call home. It’s also been a space to reflect upon our surroundings — to explore the landscape and the outdoors, whether biking through town, taking a weekend road trip, or camping on a nearby beach; to explore the city and observe urban living and the pulse of the world’s hubs; to explore the neighborhood and slow down to savor the core unit of our communities; and to explore the home and consider how the spaces we inhabit provide insight into our identities and families. In its latest iteration, Neighborhood Nomads focuses on family travel, centered upon little reminders — true to its roots — to slow down, take notice and go light.


Kate Barrett Gallery is a journalist, traveler and small business owner living on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Her experience includes work as a television news writer in San Francisco, a web producer at ABC News in Washington, a reporter on Capitol Hill, and a summer backpacking guide in Canada, France and Spain. Kate runs a family-friendly bicycle outing business called Recess Outings, guiding DC visitors and locals on bike rides throughout the city’s neighborhoods and along its waterways. She has lived in 28 houses or apartments in a dozen cities and towns and has always been a neighborhood nomad.