The Lost City of Atlantis


June 23, 2011, Santorini, Greece: Once upon a time, according to Plato, thrived the city of Atlantis. It was a true powerhouse of a civilization, prosperous and advanced, a legend in its time and ours. Legend also has it that the island sank suddenly and tragically into the sea.

Today many believe Santorini is the site of that lost city. The island itself is all that remains of the edges of a massive volcano that largely sunk in upon eruption, disappearing underwater. Santorini's c-shaped cliff now overlooks the old tip of the volcano poking up from the ocean floor.

Perspective of this place took on a new meaning today as I saw it from the deck of a catamaran sailing within the caldera. From this stunning boat, I saw from a new angle the formation of this island and the history of a lost Atlantis. What an incredible location for an ancient empire! What an incredible place this must have been (still is!) in its heyday. This is the stuff that legends are made of. And legends of place are my favorite kind.