Does Your Living Space Allow For Stillness?


November 11, 2011, New York: Does your home accommodate stillness? Does your neighborhood? Are there places in each that allow both your mind and your body to rest? In your larger town or city even, are there spots you find peaceful?

We tend to think there's something simpler about living beyond the hustle and bustle. I received a note from a friend this week about her new hometown in which she said, "Life is just easier here." Does ease of living equate with peace? Are there certain spaces in your hometown that allow you to be still?

I've just arrived in a city of energy and movement when I'm in need of rest and stillness. New York is no place we'd normally equate with those words. But there's a window seat here in the corner of my parent's apartment that I fill with puffy blankets and sleep in each time I'm back. It is a peaceful corner of a crazed city in all seasons, at all hours.

Other places on this island fit the bill, too, whether a bright coffee shop or a green park stashed away in the midst of it all. Today I will seek out those city spaces that accommodate peace and stillness.

Or maybe I'll be swept away into narrow slices of sunlight and booming drums from a parade and the movement of Manhattan...

Either way, tonight I will burrow into that window seat where, from my tiny corner of a great big city, I'll rest in a place that feels like home.