Full House


December 27, 2011, Southport, CT: If this house has a personality, a bold, boisterous, bright personality, it must live for weekends like that one. It must live for the surge in the electric bill, the sloppy kitchen counter tops, and the smells of soups and firewood. A house like this one must smile from ear to ear when coats and shoes start to pile up at the door and laugh out loud when it fills. This house must sing when dogs barrel through the kitchen in the morning and feel nothing but joy when a little girl tests out what it feels like to stand on two feet. It must kick back with satisfaction when we go for walks, knowing we'll be right back. It must be a little bit sad to see everyone go, must slouch a bit when beds and couches are no longer all occupied. If this house has a personality (is there any doubt?), it must need a day off today. Knowing this house, it will wake up tomorrow morning in a peaceful quiet only to begin scurrying around, eagerly planning for next time we all return and make this place full again.