Neighborhood Nomad: The Adventures of Lesley


February 10, 2012, Washington, DC: Lesley is a spontaneous nomad who is at home traveling the world. She will pick up and head out at the drop of a hat, beckoned by extreme adventure. Lesley chronicles her adventures on her blog and agreed to give us a bit of the back story about home base and beyond.

Where is home base? Where else have you lived? Currently, my husband and I are living in Laguna Hills, California. In November 2010, we consciously thought about where in the world we wanted to live. Within a couple of days, we decided on southern California and we set the wheels in motion. My husband applied for a position, was offered the job, and we made our dreams a reality. We both resigned from our positions, sold our house and almost everything in it, packed up the car, and drove across the continent. Although we miss our family, we've never, even for a second, regretted our decision. It is paradise!

I grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada and spent the first 20 years of my life there. I also lived in Quebec, Manitoba, and New Brunswick. It was during my two-year stint in New Brunswick that I met my husband.

What sparked your travel bug? Have you always been a nomad? I wanted to travel since I was a child and my family has always encouraged that growth. I always wondered what else was out there and wanted to experience it first hand. Even with seven years of university, I've learned more about the world from traveling than any other aspect of my life. Although I traveled nationally and internationally at a young age, it wasn't until I graduated from university that I started racking up the new country count. One trip to Europe in 2005 added 10 new countries to my list and I've longed to be on the road since.

Any greatest hits or most powerful places stand out during your adventures?  I recently completed a top ten cities list on my blog. It's hard to generalize what speaks to me while traveling; I've searched for different things in different countries. I cherish every second spent on the beaches in Cancun, Mexico and Nova Scotia, Canada. The history of Italy and Greece bring out the life-long student in me. The endless possibilities in New York and California make me a dreamer. The friendly, easy-going people of Ireland and eastern Canada remind me of my roots. The theatre in England, the war history in France, the oasis and tranquility of Algeria... the world is anew with each country, city, town, or minuscule piece of land.

What types of places and landscapes speak to you most? I shamefully admit that I am often drawn to typical tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Buckingham Palace, and the Colosseum. I also thoroughly enjoy a pristine beach or any place that offers extreme adventure. When a city is coupled with warm ocean waves and extreme adventures, you can count me in!

What compels you to keep traveling? There are always new countries to see, new cultures to embrace, and new adventures to be had. I want to live life to the fullest and have as many unique adventures and experiences as possible. Traveling simply shows me the world.

Next adventure: Motherhood. Any plans for your child's first travels? My baby girl and my husband are my first priority. I didn't plan any adventures for after her arrival and I plan to take things day by day. I am, however, very spontaneous. Most of my adventures are not planned in advance; we went to Europe for ten weeks on a whim and explored Alaska for a weekend after only five minutes of thought. We moved to California to take in the sunshine and the ocean on a daily basis so I'm hoping that Athena, my baby girl, will love the water as much as her parents do. Whatever her interests, I'm sure we will explore them as a family.