A Taste of Where We Live


April 28, 2012, Washington, DC: Want a taste of my neighborhood? Here it is: My neighborhood is funny and filling. Today I spent the afternoon at an annual local event called Taste of 8th, assigned to take photographs for the organizers at Barracks Row Main Street. There's so much food on these few blocks of 8th St. that we need to celebrate more than just once a year (formally, that is), so I happily agreed to photograph/indulge for another go-round. A total of 21 restaurants, cafes, and the liquor store along our main street set up on the sidewalk and sold tickets for appetizers, desserts and tastings. I love where I live. It's no place for a diet. Funny and filling. They aren't exactly two of the most obvious descriptors for a neighborhood, but they certainly apply here, and I appreciate those elements of this place. I appreciate the debut of yet another dessert a few hundreds yards from the front door (eclairs now available at The Sweet Lobby!) and I appreciate the fact that unexpected teams competing in a citywide scavenger hunt called the DC Challenge barrelled through the event this afternoon in full, florescent costumes.

This is the day on 8th street. It gives you a taste of where we live.

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