Today's Pit Stops


May 18, 2012, Washington, DC: We've got a few pit stops to make today and stopping by to applaud Bike to Work Day is only the first. Next up, we've got a stop at the Metro station and another at the airport, a hiatus up in the air and a trip out to Long Island. We'll stop by the rental car counter and set out for a drive on roads we've never navigated before arriving for a wedding in a town we've never seen. But first we stop one hundred yards from the front door at one of 58 pit stops throughout DC, Virginia and Maryland set up this morning to help riders navigate Bike to Work Day.

It's the perfect morning for it -- a rare warm and sunny D.C. morning without an ounce of humidity weighing us down. Racing bikes and beach cruisers, saddle bags and baskets, regulars and newbies converge at the Eastern Market pit stop on their way in to the office.

Nearly 11,000 people in the greater Washington area are expected to bike to work today. That's nearly double the number that usually do; AAA estimates that more than 6,000 people in the area make it a daily habit. Washington was recently named the 6th most bikable city in the country. Just yesterday, Capital Bikeshare, today the largest bike sharing program in the country, celebrated two million rides.

It seems like just yesterday we rang in 1 million.

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