Nomads with an 'S' (That Means You)

July 14, 2012, Washington, DC: Hello again. It’s a fresh new day on the blog and I wanted to share with you some of the changes underway here at Neighborhood Nomads. For starters, you may have noticed you've arrived at a new URL, no matter which route you took to get here. You’ve arrived at Plain, simple, and plural. That’s nomads with an ‘s’. And yes, that means you.

One measly little letter signifies big changes to come. It indicates that from here on out, this site will be about you, not me. With my one-year personal blog project behind me, I’ve decided to carry on in this space with a slight shift of intention. From now on, I’ll hone in on the most compelling content produced throughout the course of the past year: interviews with other neighborhood nomads.

A revamped ‘About’ page provides an explanation of the site’s renewed purpose. Take a look. Let me know you think. Raise your hand to participate in the project. Share a photo of your city. Speak up if you have friends, family and neighbors with fantastic stories to tell about the places that have shaped them.

And go enjoy your neighborhood on this beautiful summer weekend.