My Neighborhood is... Mysterious


August 8, 2012, Washington, DC: Can anyone tell me the story behind these painted bricks? I've come across several of them this summer on my regular running and walking routes on Capitol Hill and I wonder who's behind them. I wonder if the person who paints them does so in the middle of the night when no one's watching. I wonder if they're created by an adult or a child. I wonder what they're trying to tell us. Is it a brain teaser? A profound message? A playful spin on traditional sidewalk chalk? A deliberate work of art?

It's become almost a game now to find the next painted brick, and then the next. It distracts me from thinking about how far I've run or how fast I'm going. I keep finding these bricks in places I'd never noticed. And yet as quickly as I discover them, they disappear. Vanish. Perhaps scrubbed off the sidewalk by someone who doesn't find them amusing. Maybe washed away in the rain.

I'm off for a jog now. I'll keep an eye peeled for more. You never know what you might find along your path if you pay attention to your surroundings.

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Bricks. Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, July 2012