Miles From Monday: The Morning After the London Olympics


August 13, 2012, Washington, DC: For two weeks this summer, we were someplace else entirely. Even if we didn't get out of town. Even if we sat still right here at our desks Monday morning upon Monday morning. Mentally, we've been far away from the ho-hum of our daily routines. Cheering in the stands at Wembley and Wimbleton. Biking waterside at Eton Dorney. Dipping a toe in the sand in the Prime Minister's front yard. These were the settings for legendary stories of sport and competition. These were the places where athletes made history. These were the backdrops for our daydreams of greatness.

Yes, the Olympic Games are first and foremost about great quests in pursuit of something faster, higher and stronger, but countless other storylines play out there too. Some of them are about the power of place and the strength of community: The Games simultaneously heighten our allegiances to our home countries and eliminate barriers between borders. For a few short weeks, they create a tremendous global community whose core is a village.

Last night the Olympic flag was passed from the mayor of London to the mayor of Rio. The athletes in the village are moving out today. They are coming home. They are bringing back inspiration.

With each passing day, the 2016 Summer Olympics will creep up on us, but for now, Rio remains miles and miles away, a place to dream about on this Olympic-less Monday.

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