The Real Reason I Love It Here


February 19, 2013, Washington, DC: It seems somewhat disingenuous to have come this far on Neighborhood Nomads without mentioning one of the main reasons I love living where I do. In truth, it's the pizza. As someone who could eat pizza seven days a week, living mere blocks from both Matchbox and Seventh Hill, the city's best pizza joints in my expert opinion, is a definite draw. If ever we move away from here, it'll be pizza I crave most. That said, I loved taking these photos at Sunday morning's pizza class at Matchbox. The class was part of the weekend's Culinary Crawl, during which the neighborhood was transformed into a cooking school with local chefs convening classes in their restaurants on Barracks Row and in the fabulous teaching kitchen in the nearby Hill Center. I was happy to again document the courses for Barracks Row Main Street (see the rest of my photos on their Picasa page), but mostly I felt lucky to be at Matchbox before 10 a.m. as the group talked pizza, rolled their dough, and flung it high into the air. A camera sprinkled with flour is a sign the day is off to a good start.

matchbox pizza, washington, DC

Is there any food in your neighborhood that you simply can't live without? Divulge your favorites in the Comments section below.

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