Potomac Days


April 21, 2013, Washington, DC: Late April in Washington this year marks the beginning of our Potomac days. We're off to a later start than normal, it seems, but we don't let the chill in the air stop us. We check on our yellow kayak and introduce ourselves to Nicholas, the new manager at the Key Bridge Boathouse formerly known as Jack's. Soon we'll be there often, grilling by the water's edge and pushing off from the dock for short trips past Georgetown's already crowded waterfront steps towards Watergate and the Kennedy Center. When the weekend comes, we bundle in fall layers and bike down to the marina, hitching a ride on a friend's boat out of Washington Channel and around Hains Point into the Potomac where the river gets wide. We are making preparations for summer Saturdays. We are getting reacquainted with the water. Columbia Island Marina, Potomac, April 2013

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