A Well-Edited Home


June 14, 2013, Washington, DC: Maybe painters see their living space as a canvas and actors picture it as a stage. The writer in me views home as a massive editing project. If home is someplace ripe for self-expression, it's also a constant work-in-progress. Editing a home means ridding it of clutter as well as making careful choices about what remains. Editors of words remove excess, but they also ensure every word left on the page packs a punch. Whether editing a home or a book, the intent is a streamlined, balanced and lovable product. The process is thoughtful and creative.

I'm not yet a good editor in either sphere. It took me years to realize three hats belonged on the bedroom wall and it might take several more before I break through clutter on the dining room shelves. Sometimes it takes living somewhere for a long time before understanding how a space works best. Sometimes it takes writing and editing and writing and editing before a sentence comes out simple and crisp.

I will be forever refining my home and words.

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