A Bit of Housekeeping


July 18, 2013, Washington, DC: A bit of housekeeping has slowed the pace of my posts in recent weeks. I've been busy cleaning up the layout of Neighborhood Nomads and figuring out how to best organize all the stuff that lives here. As a result, my writing efforts have been somewhat stymied. Each time I log in to write, I'm instead distracted by the technical challenges of customizing the look and behind-the-scenes structure of the blog. But I'm happy to report I've since found solutions to several of these puzzles. I've cleaned house and feel more clear-headed in this space as a result. Isn't that the way at home too? The organization and design challenges I face in this virtual home of mine are not unlike the challenges we face in our physical living spaces. In spending lots of time in both spheres, I've noticed that what paralyzes me in one is similar to what paralyzes me in the other. How many times have we been unable to move forward or focus when faced with something unresolved about our physical living space? How much better and more at ease do you feel after a good spring cleaning or a few simple changes to a favorite room?

So about this virtual housekeeping: I've organized the content collected over time on Neighborhood Nomads into four buckets: You'll notice new navigation across the top of the website inviting you to explore the Landscape, the City, the Neighborhood, and the Home. The old staples and key pages of the website remain; as always, you're invited to participate, to read interviews with nomads, to escape with Miles from Monday, to revisit The Original Project, and to learn about the blog. All changes have been made in alignment with the site's new tagline: Neighborhood Nomads: A Guide to Exploring Close to Home.

The hope here is to make this place more streamlined, more welcoming, more comfortable and more visually appealing. We hope the same for our favorite rooms.

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