Endless Summer, DC-Style


September 4, 2013, Washington, DC: Who says summer has to end so abruptly? Just because pools close and schools open doesn't mean we can't hang on, with as tight a grip as possible, to all that is good and happy about June, July and August. Outside this evening, my street is absolutely buzzing with the buggy sounds of summer and the night sky remains bright as we walk around the block after dinner. Just like summer, crowds have gravitated to the benches outside Pitango Gelato with their strollers and bicycles parked nearby, while others sip white wine outside Montmarte and a musician entertains on the corner by the Metro. A few miles away, DC's urban rivers are open for business and will stay that way awhile longer, with kayak and paddleboard rentals available until sunset for at least another month or so. Tonight it's a relief to know that scenes like this one that I photographed Monday on the Potomac will remain fixtures here in Washington until well after Labor Day. Tonight, walking up 7th St., it's comforting to recall that this is what a flawless night at the height of summer feels like in many less humid parts of the country, and that there's no need to rush ahead into the shorter days of autumn.