Glimmers of Hope on the Hill


October 4, 2013, Washington, DC: For the last few weeks, our neighborhood has been surrounded by chaos. Three weeks ago, it was the mass shooting at the Navy Yard less than 10 blocks to our southeast, yesterday it was an isolated shooting outside the Capitol less than 10 blocks to our northwest. Between these bookends of violence, this place has boiled over with anger and frustration about this week's government shutdown. Hundreds of thousands are out of work throughout the country, and the widespread reverberations of each crisis have originated right here in the neighborhood we know and love. It's all so unsettling. It hits close to home. I assure you there have been moments of goodness on the Hill during this same period of time. I share these images from Sunday's Barracks Row Fall Festival to show you something positive -- however small and inconsequential -- happening here in the neighborhood we call home.






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