Travel Slowly. Bring the Kids. Go Light.

Coming home

reflections on travel and nesting

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journal outtakes

A Well-Edited Home

Maybe painters see their living space as a canvas and actors picture it as a stage. The writer in me views home as a massive editing project. If home is someplace ripe for self-expression, it's also a constant work-in-progress. Editing a home means ridding it of clutter as well as making careful choices about what remains. Editors of words remove excess, but they also ensure every word left on the page packs a punch. Whether editing a home or a book, the intent is a streamlined, balanced and lovable product. The process is thoughtful and creative.

I will be forever refining my home and words.

A good summer rain

This Friday afternoon rain is the very best kind. The kind that blurs and softens this place so it looks nothing like it did earlier this week when the sky was so blue it was severe against the hard marble buildings that slice into Washington's skyline. Today's rain is the kind you enjoy through cracked windows to allow that fresh smell of summer to seep into the apartment. The kind of rain that slows you down after an anxious week and keeps you indoors, for once not distracted by the river and parks and life of a city that won't stop beckoning you back outside. 

love letter to home

Our home reminds me of travel, partly due to the things we've brought with us but also due to its bones, its structure and its details. I see New Orleans in the back alley from a narrow, second-story balcony abutting the next and feel cross breezes coming off San Francisco Bay through the high windows that swing open above the apartment's inner door frames. Its imperfect hardwood floors and outdated stove and big old window that needs a book wedged in to stay open in spring are fit for a beach cottage. Walking out the front door to pick up cheese or yogurt or meat around the corner at Eastern Market is a routine that feels a bit Parisian. auctor.